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At the end of the nineteenth century, in the heart of the greatest period of development and transformation, arrived in Gardone Riviera Heydweiller Maximilian Friedrich, a leading exponent of the "dynasty" of industrial Heydweiller of Krefeld in Germany.
The latter bought the property a large plot of land, probably belonged to the family of Faustino Cipani Fasano, which extended from the extreme hills of Gardone up to the land by the lake of Fasano.
The property boasted numerous buildings, cottages and farmhouses; Maximilian Heydweiller was particularly struck by a piece of land located on the top of a hill with a beautiful view of the lake, and in early 1900 commissioned the design of a prestigious house of representatives to be elected to his residence.
The house was called "Villa Garda". Villa Garda quickly became a living room area and frequented by the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie, Italian, German and Austro-Hungarian empire passing sul Garda. In 1916, His Royal Highness the Duke of Aosta, commander of the 3rd Army, ordered the Military Command of the Garda to seize several villas and hotels in Gardone Riviera to turn in War and Convalescent Hospital to care for the wounded returning from the front. Villa Garda was deemed suitable to host the Senior Officers in convalescence, the use of the house continued until 1918 when the First World War ended.


The Military Command del Garda then left all property acquired by the seizure against the German owners, in the hands of the National Association Fighters, which ran until the fate of the State Property and promoted the sale.

In 1921 Giovanni Breda, very wealthy man, he decided to buy the vast property belonged to the family Heydweiller to Fasano. Taken possession of Villa Garda, Eng. John Breda, who had climbed and occupied positions of great responsibility and prestige in the field of entrepreneurship, he decided, after the mid-thirties, to realize an idea that caressed by time: transforming Villa Garda, his personal residence, in a hotel great class.
So in 1938, when the new tourist season, Giovanni Breda decided to change its name to Villa and inaugurated the Hotel Villa del Sogno.
In the first years of its activity, the hotel maintained a good level of employment, but in 1942 it is impossible to recover the supplies and provisions necessary Giovanni Breda forced to close its doors Hotel.
The post-war period heralded harbinger of great change. Lake Garda saw in those years many tourism entrepreneurs engaged in renewing their facilities, opened new hotels were built and the first camps. Giovanni Breda pledged again to return to the Villa del Sogno prestige of the pre-war and selected customers began to attend Villa del Sogno confirming each year its presence.
In the spring of 1986, the entire property of the hotel complex Hotel Villa del Sogno, including all of its contents, and the great park that covers over 35,000 square meters was purchased by the family Calderan who is dealing today with love and passion.

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